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We at TESOG would like to welcome all new contributors! It is here that we would like to create a place for those dedicated to helping others in the game and who want to participate in making this place a haven for anyone who is lost or seeking knowledge.

Our mission is to create a site that is both informative and pleasing to the eye. We take pride in our work and hope that all who join us in this endeavor feel the same.

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Ingredients & Ressources

06-08-2013 Hits:129 Ingredients Albert - avatar Albert

Resources such as ore and plants will repopulate over time, but they are not guaranteed to re-appear in the exact same location where they were before.

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Books & Tomes

06-08-2013 Hits:158 Books & Tomes Albert - avatar Albert

You have approximately 300 collectable books that you can discover in The Elder Scrolls Online. Once you find these collectable books, you can read them anytime you like. In addition,...

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Skyshards & Chests

06-08-2013 Hits:733 Skyshards & Chests Albert - avatar Albert

Skyshards & Chests

Skyshards are stones that will dot the landscape of Tamriel, and they will reward explorers with an extra skill point to spend and it takes three Skyshards to get one...

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  • Sapience's Avatar
    07 Feb 2013 17:16
    --->CODE<--- Name: Language: Server: Faction: Play-style:(casual, medium, hardcore) Focus: (PvE, PvP, Roleplay, Social, Crafting, DKP Chart or other system points) Time Zone: (Europe,...


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